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Sydney Gay

LuLu is a jazz singer Edgar Bergen Style. She is a comedic, sophisticated life-like puppet in duet with a real jazz singer, Miz' Sydney Gay from New Orleans. In upbeat style Sydney, LuLu and surprise guests toss to the audience important issues of life, business, war, love, romance and life in America

Sydney Gay's puppet training began in the French Quarter 1943. Her family came from the Creole tradition of Zydeco music and Fey do do, family cabaret. The content of program is suitable for adults and excellent for musical children age eight and older.

Sydney traveled to master classes in Europe with the world's greatest artists, a combination of classical orchestra with jazz and puppetry.  For eleven years she worked behind the scenes as artist assistant for the original Mozart Festivals at Lincoln Center.

Miracles Do Happen began with a seventeen year journey into third world countries of Dominican Republic; Lima, Peru; Church of the Nazarene, Port-au-Prince Haiti; Saint Peter's Jazz Orchestra; Citicorp Building,New York; Soul Saving Station for All Nations; and Focus On The Family, Colorado Springs. "In some of the countries the only thing that saved our lives was the music we played."

Today Sydney is a resident of Montecito, the wife of community activist Harry Kislevitz.  She is also program director for www.USAthinkingteam.com, linked into Washington, D.C. and the Camarillo Youth Correction Center of California.

Miracles Do Happen is music, poetry and true stories with profound meanings.

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